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18 November 2018
Programme consultation of the Masterclass Leadership
28 February 2021

Krzysztof Zanussi with the “Eagle” award for his life achievements

Greeted by a standing ovation from his colleagues. The award was presented by Maja Komorowska, who quoted two important sentences: “The artist is not owned by anyone, art is the property of everyone” and “There is no recipe for life, but it is known that the soul is not worth selling.” Krzysztof Zanussi himself, thanking the Academy for the award, said:
– Eagles are a beautiful symbol. There are animals that can be kept in a cage, shown in a circus. But eagles can not be enslaved. And art cannot live without freedom. We, the creators of audiovisual stories, have a difficult task today, because the world got lost due to the lack of dreams. You can not live without dreams. Our viewers know what they do not want, but we need to remind them what we all want. For ages we’ve been dreaming about progress, and we have achieved it, today you cannot have more in this area. But there is still moral progress. And this is what I wish to everyone and myself.